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From its humble beginning in 1938, the Ramco Group Textile Division has emerged as one of the most successful group of textile mills to symbolise an entity with strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.  It has been a pioneer in adopting state-of- the art technology. Today, Ramco Group Textile Division has a spindle capacity of around Four Hundred Thousand (400,000) with an annual turnover of around 175 million USD, deriving 60% of its turnover from exports.

Ramco has been successful in entering markets of high quality consciousness like Japan.  Its long-term relationship with trading house giants like Mitsubishi Corporation (Osaka, Japan) and consumers like Unitika Ltd, and Dokobo Ltd. (Japan) is a standing testimony to the high quality yarns produced by Ramco. It is also exporting to countries like China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Dubai, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Bahrain, Honduras, Italy, Spain, and Vietnam and to various other countries in the Gulf region and Europe.
The various brands under which the yarn is exported are Shankar, Mahabar, Oscar, New world, Ultima, Delight, Marvel, Elegant, Gemini and Yogam.

Salient Points
More than seven decades of spinning experience
Turnover: around 175 million USD, deriving 60% of turnover from exports
Installed capacity: around Four Hundred Thousand (400,000) spindles
Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction
Ramco Group Textile Division has always been at the forefront in adopting new technologies

To quote a few

Pioneer in introducing the concept of Open End Spinning in India, especially for production of coarser counts, which have replaced their counter parts from Ring spinning process with very high productivity and acceptable quality.
The first BD-D330 model of Saurer Schlafhorst open end spinning machine and installation of the revolutionary Savio Flexi Rotor S3000 model Open End machine and latest BD 380 Open End Spinning Machines
First to install Automatic Cone Winding in this region in the form of Schweitzer automatic circular winding machines.
It was the first in South India to establish two Textiles Mills as 100% EOUS (Export Oriented Units) in 1991.
First to establish technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan
Installation of Rieter C 60 cards and RSB D 40 Draw Frames
First to buy Suessen Compact Spinning frames and conversion of LR DJ/5 and LR G5/1 to compact spinning
The latest model Rieter K44 1 Compact Spinning System has also been installed
Rieter project having Rieter K44 1 Ring Frames with Savio link coner & Bobbin Transporting System with 84000 spindles spanning over 5 Mills.
Installation of revolutionary Elitwist concept with desired benefits of two-ply twisted yarn in spindle point itself and thereby reducing conversion cost drastically
Has undertaken large-scale adoption of eco-friendly, non-conventional energy sources by installing numerous windmills in one of the world’s best sites of Wind Energy – Muppandal, Kanyakumari District, South India. Today, about 50 - 60% of the total power requirements are met by this eco-friendly green energy source
Captive power generation by Installation of Gensets based on HFO
Installation of imported JOSSI contamination cleaner in Blow Room
Retrofitting versatile “Amsler” slub yarn – Multi count & Multi twist attachments
Installation of highly profiled gassing machines from SSM and RITE of world repute
Installation of dyable soft package cone winders from SSM technology
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